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1AffordableCall: Covid-19


We do hope you and your business are coping despite COVID-19.


Managing your services


Our priority is to ensure continuity of our services to our clients.


As a consequence of these challenging times, Openreach (who manage most of the telecoms and infrastructure) announced Matters Beyond their Reasonable Control but confirmed their commitment to prioritise essential work with strict guidelines to protect you as well as their staff.


At 1AffordableCall we rapidly implemented business continuity plans and are working from home using technology to its advantage.  This was also the case with our Service Providers which has ensured that we are able to continue to manage your services effectively.


Supporting your business


Businesses with the right telecoms and IT will be able to focus on driving their businesses forward as new challenges and opportunities arise.  We have been working with a number of clients to improve the way they keep in touch with their customers.  


We provide an extensive range of telecoms and IT products, from lines, calls, to VoIP with virtual switchboards, mobiles, internet connections (basic to leased lines) plus much more. 


To ensure that you have the best telecoms solutions in place for your business, please phone for a no obligation chat.   


Keep safe.


Just choose 1AffordableCall and there'll be no telecoms worries at all 


 If you haven't heard already, the Home Secretary has announced that calls to the 101 police non-emergency number is FREE since 1 April 2020.