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FREE Hosted VoIP trial*

BT (Openreach) have announced that they will cease ISDN.  These digital lines are commonly used by businesses and they have switchboards (PBXs) to mange their incoming and outging calls.  


We provide a highly robust and flexible hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, which obviates the need for a telephone switchboard.  This massivley reduces the CAPEX and maintenance charges.  All with built-in resilience! 


Please call us FREE for further details and 'Terms & conditions' on the number above or via our online form.


FREE SIP Trunking trial*

If you are interested in VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), but still want to use your exisiting telephone switchboard, then why not try SIP trunking.  It is a new technology that allows a business to replace its existing analogue or digital telephone lines with a data connection.  Once connected a business can continue to operate in the same manner as before with no changes to its telephone call handling. SIP Trunk calls are carried by both VoIP and the traditional telephone network.

SIP trunking also has the benefit of being able to operate without geographic telephone number constraints, so an area telephone number code is able to function freely in any location where a data connection is available.

Diagram of SIP Trunking

Resilience should also be considered when considering a SIP trunk solution. A business may wish to install a secondary data circuit to carry calls in the event of issues either with the service or caused by fibre or copper line breakages within or external to the building - this also applies with traditional voice telephone lines as well.

With a second dormant IP on your set-up, you will be able to secure your call traffic as the system will automatically re-route everything through the second trunk if the first trunk route fails or goes down for even a short period.

* This offer entitles you to trial a SIP Trunk with FREE line rental for a limited period. Standard call charges apply.

Please call us FREE on 08008 491 492 for further details and 'Terms & conditions' or via our online form.