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Call Barring - Stops certain calls being made from your phone. Allows you to bar a range of outgoing calls to prevent unwanted use of your phones e.g. premium rate calls or international calls

Call Deflection - Enables incoming calls to be identified and then forwarded to another destination before answering the call. Alternatively, incoming calls can be automatically forwarded to selected destinations dependent on their calling line identity.

Call Diversion - Allows you to divert calls to almost any phone - anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or a mobile phone! N.B. You will be charged for the forwarded part of the call.

Call Forwarding - Automatically transfers incoming calls to a different location, e.g. if moved to a different exchange area. Can either be admin provided or customer controlled. N.B. You will be charged for the forwarded part of the call.

Call Hold - A service feature that enables a user to retain an existing call, while accepting or originating another call using the same handset or phone device. The held call is tied to the handset that placed the call on hold and, therefore, can only be taken out of hold from the same handset.

Call Minder - Like Answer 1571, with the additional advantage of remote access and the option of having personalised messages.

Call Park - This service feature allows a user to place an active call on 'hold' (above) at one telephone handset and then retrieve the call, from any other handset within the same phone network. The call is effectively placed in a 'parking bay' and is allocated a parking bay number, e.g. 101. Users can then pick up another handset on the same network and type in the bay number to retrieve the held call.

Call Return - A service that will call your phone to let you know when an engaged number becomes free. It is normally activated by pressing '5' when you reach an engaged number. N.B. You will be charged for this service.

Call Sign - Allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line.

Call Transfer - A service feature that allows a user to place a call on hold whilst, simultaneously, transferring the call to another destination. The destination can typically be both an internal or external telephone.

Call Waiting - Tells you if someone is trying to call when you’re already on the phone.

Caller Display - Displays the number calling you, unless the caller is using CLIR or COLR.

Caller Redirect (CNI) - A recorded announcement on a ceased line advising the caller of the new number to dial. This is a chargeable service.

Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP) - Lets you see the number of the person calling before you pick up the phone, enabling you to greet the caller in an appropriate manner.

Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR) - This prevents your directory number from being released at any time. Please be aware that there may be restrictions on its usage.

Choose to refuse – This enables you to bar the telephone number of the last answered incoming call.

CLI (Caller Line Identification) - The number of a specific telephone line.

CoLo - Colocation is often used in the data sourcing industry to mean off-site data storage, usually in a data centre. This is very important for businesses since the loss of data can be crucial for companies of any size.

Connected Line Identity Presentation (COLP) - This allows you to see the number of the line that you have been connected to.

Connected Line Identity Restriction (COLR) - This restricts the access of incoming callers to your identity. Please be aware that there may be restrictions on its usage.

Contention Ratio - This term is used to describe the number of individual broadband customers connecting to a single internet node at the local public exchange. High contention ratios will cause vast speed differences depending on time of day and number local users on line. Beware of busy periods, e.g. morning office hours and when people get home from work and log on.

Convergence - In recent years, changes in technology have meant that many businesses can now run both voice and data over the same Local Area Network, thereby causing them to ‘converge’. Cost savings are one benefit of Convergence but far more importantly there are significant productivity and efficiency gains to be achieved. VOIP, IP Telephony, Unified Messaging, Remote Working etc all come under the ‘Convergence’ umbrella.

Contract - The contract is the agreement you sign up to with a broadband provider, which may include a minimum contract period.

CPS (Carrier Pre-Select) - A system allowing clients to select their chosen ‘indirect’ carrier without the need of ‘smart boxes’ or least cost routing software.

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