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- BT announce that ISDN circuits will be ceased
- VoIP: We provide robust and highly flexible VoIP services with hosted switchboards


MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) - Your MAC code is an identification number specific to your broadband connection. If you want to switch broadband supplier, your new Internet Service Provider (ISP) will need it to give you virtually uninterrupted service when they switch you over (usually your Broadband will only be unavailable for a few minutes). Please note: a MAC code is valid for 30 days, after this, if the change hasn't happened a new one will need to be requested.

MB (Megabyte) - A Megabyte (abbreviated to MB) is equal to 1,000 bytes, and is a standard unit of storage.

MIA (Managed Internet Access) – It is a highly reliable and flexible fixed Internet access service offered under the Surfwise brand. Customers can choose any speed between 1Mbps and 1Gbps and have the guaranteed peace of mind of 24/7 support. A huge advantage of MIA is that bandwidth to the Internet can be upgraded or ‘flexed’ at very short notice within an access class. This offers peace of mind to companies who cannot predict their needs.

Microfilter - Microfilters are small devices that you’ll have to plug into your home phone socket. Your modem and telephone both plug into the microfilter. All they do is stop your broadband signal interfering with your telephone calls.

Modem - A modem is a device that converts analogue signals (transferred by your phone line) into digital signals (to be read by your computer) and vice versa. This allows your computer to connect to the Internet via your telephone line. Usually, they’re directly connected to your computer, but some will allow your computer to connect to them wirelessly – which is just the job if you own a laptop or a number of Internet devices spread around your home. See also Router

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) – A flexible and cost effective way of providing a WAN.


No Directory Entry Required (NQR) - No directory entry is required. It is usually only available for lines connected to alarm systems, modems etc.

Non geographic numbers (NGNs) - Non-geographic numbers are telephone numbers available for private sale which, rather than being assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit, provide callers with a contact number which gives no indication as to the geographical location of the line being called. The owner of the number can retarget the NGN to any other telephone number including mobile, international and even other NGNs at any time therefore enabling them to take their calls on the move or at various locations at different times or simultaneously.

NTS - Number Translation Service: A number that is not geographically based, traditionally beginning with any other digit sequence except 01x and 02x.

Number portability - An agreement which allows for telephone numbers to be moved between telecoms companies.


Ordinary Directory Entry (O) – A directory entry held in the BT Phone Book and from Directory Enquiries (118 services)


PBX aka PABX - Public (Automated) Branch Exchange aka Switchboard aka Phone System.

POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) – See analogue line or PSTN

Presentation Number - Enables the option of "masking" the main outbound number of a telephone line with a different number. This option is useful for call centres or companies that are located in obscure locations and don’t want end users to know their physical location or if they want to present a non-geographic number to the customers they are calling. For example, a company has a simple 0207 number but they want a 0845 number to be displayed to every end user that they call.

PSTN - Stands for ‘Public Switched Telephone Network’. This is the standard telephone service provided over basic analogue phone lines.

Pulse Metering - Sends 50Hz pulses to customers’ lines to indicate units of charge.

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