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- BT announce that ISDN circuits will be ceased
- VoIP: We provide robust and highly flexible VoIP services with hosted switchboards


Terminal - Telephone handsets are often referred to by engineers as terminals. All phones - all phones in the group ring together;

Three Way Calling – This allows you talk to two people at the same time - even if one of them is abroad!

TPS (Telephone Preference Service) - A service that bars calls to residential numbers that have been registered as “do not disturb”. Used mostly to prevent unwanted sales or marketing calls.

Trunks - Incoming lines from a public telephone operator (PTO).


Unified messaging – This enables you to access voice, fax, and text messages via one single email or telephone account. Typically a Microsoft Windows based panel on a PC running off a LAN. The unified messaging may provide visual control of voice and fax messages which are delivered to the PC node through a connection of the voice processor to the LAN’s file server.

Upload - When you are transferring data from your computer to the Internet, you are uploading (for example, when transferring pictures from your computer to a photo-sharing website). Upload speeds tend to be slower than download speeds and are measured in Kilobits per second (Kbps) or Megabits per second (Mbps). See also downloading.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - URL is the technical term for a website address (e.g.

Usage - Your usage is the amount of data you receive over the Internet. Many broadband providers offer packages that place a cap or restriction on the amount of data you can download onto your PC – this helps them regulate how much bandwidth is being used and can therefore charge less for the service e.g. basic business broadband packages. If you should go over the limit, you may be charged for the amount you go over. See also Download restrictions

User - That’s you.


Virus - A computer virus is a nasty piece of software that can copy itself and infect a computer without permission or knowledge of the user. They can be used for many purposes, including damaging files, discovering personal information, and even taking over your computer altogether.

Voice mail - The ability to receive information direct from a caller when you are unable to answer the telephone. Extremely versatile it allows you, as a basic feature, to provide callers with a personalised greeting and to give them the option of leaving a message. It is also possible to offer callers the opportunity to speak to an operator or a colleague.

VOIP - Stands for ‘Voice Over Internet Protocol’ - Voice translated into data packets and transmitted across an internet connection or network - just like any other file or email you might send. Upon reaching the other end data is transformed back into its original form and emerges like a regular phone call. (VOIP is critically dependent upon the speed of the packets across the internet and the correct assembly order once they arrive at their destination …for obvious reasons!)

VPN - Stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ – A way of creating a private communications network over a public network (mostly the internet) using secure protocols (passwords, authentication methods etc).


Wireless Broadband - Wireless broadband offers high speed internet connection that uses radio waves to connect your computer to the Internet, doing away with the need for any physical wires to be connected to your computer.

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