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- BT announce that ISDN circuits will be ceased
- VoIP: We provide robust and highly flexible VoIP services with hosted switchboards

Basic Broadband

Basic broadband is a Local Loop Unbundled Service* and is available at most exchanges. As a result, we are able to offer ADSL to our clients at significantly reduced prices with potentially faster speeds.

The Value broadband service offers the following:

  • Up to 24 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream
  • This product is an inclusive Broadband, Line and Call product.
  • Standard product is equivalent to 50:1 Contention ratio and is residential quality
  • Prioritisation option. This is equivalent to 20:1 Contention ratio and is business Quality
  • Line test required – not all exchanges are unbundled

The SMARTER broadband service offers the following:

  • Up to 8 Mbps downstream and 0.4 Mbps upstream
  • This product is an inclusive Broadband, Line and Call product.
  • Standard product is equivalent to 14:1 contention ratio
  • A high quality business service with a 2 GB allowance
  • Option to increase usage allowance to 40 GB
  • Another option to boast upload speed to 0.8 Mbps with an equivalent of 7:1 contention ratio

Please call us FREE on 08008 491 492 for further details or via our online form.

* Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is the process where BT makes its local network (the copper cables that run from customers premises to the telephone exchange) available to other companies at the local exchange.

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