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Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or Voice Over IP) is a technology that allows voice traffic to be transmitted over a data network. All you need is a robust broadband connection and a VoIP provider to enable all sizes of businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet.

One of the main issues with business VoIP is the fact that they often rely on several different service providers to provide a call. This is similar to sending emails, which typically travel over many different networks to reach its destination. The issue with putting a telephone call over different networks is you can get delays, jitter and packet loss – all of which leads to sub standard call quality.

Furthermore, you need prioritise your IP calls over all other services using your broadband connection, especially emails and data transfer.

Our recommended providers are able to offer a complete end-to-end service, via their own networks that covers all aspects of VoIP - most particularly including prioritisation of these calls. The result is a service that actually works and delivers business quality VoIP.

Business VoIP and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)

While VoIP covers many different things, business VoIP is almost exclusively use SIP, which is seen as a viable alternative to traditional ISDN. SIP Trunks refer to individual SIP sessions and are in effect sold like ISDN30e lines, so 10 SIP Trunks will allow you to have 10 simultaneous calls.

FREE SIP Trunking trial

If you are considering VoIP, why not try SIP trunking for FREE (subject to Terms and conditions). You can even choose a local area number e.g. 01865 for Oxford etc.

Residential VoIP vs SIP

While residential VoIP generally means services such as Skype, business VoIP users require the same quality as digital lines (ISDN2 or ISDN30e).

ISDN30e quality is delivered by Internet Telephony Service Providers who deliver VoIP services using SIP – Session Initiation Protocol.

Broadband resilience

In some areas, your standard broadband connection will not be 100% reliable, which will affect VoIP calls. We offer a wide choice of business grade broadband packages, many with service level guarantees.

You can also chose prioritised (aka Quality of Service - QoS) services, which will guarantee bandwidth exclusively for VoIP traffic.

Can I keep my existing number?

We are able to port most UK geographic numbers, so this should not be an issue.

If you would like to discuss business VoIP further, please call one of our telecoms experts FREE on 08008 491 492 or via our online form.