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Telephone Calling Features

There are a wide range of telephone calling features', which are available to support your business. They include call diversion (aka call forwarding), call waiting, caller display & call minder (a personalised business answering service).  More detailed descriptions can be found below:

Calling Feature

What does it this feature do?

3 Way Calling Allows you to speak to 2 other people at the same time including one from abroad.  You can include/exclude either party at any time during the call.
Anonymous Call Rejection
Allows you to block calls from people who have withheld their numbers.
Call Barring Allows you to bar a range of outgoing calls to prevent unwanted use of your phones e.g. premium rate calls or international calls
Call Diversion (including Smart Divert) aka Call forwarding
Divert incoming calls to another landline or mobile of your choice.  Smart divert allows you to operate it remotely. N.B. You will be charged for the forwarded part of the call.
Call Minder Answers calls and records messages if call is not answered or if engaged.  Caller will hear your personalized business greeting message.
Call Sign You have an extra phone number on your line that rings differently and allows you to distinguish between incoming calls on the same line.
Call Waiting Advises you if there is another caller on the line trying to reach you when you are already on the phone.
Caller Display

The number of the person calling you is displayed before you answer the phone. Requires a compatible phone.

Reminder Call Allows you to set a single Alarm Call or a series of 'reminder calls'.
Ring Back Saves you from redialing an engaged number until the line is free. Available as a Pay per Use service or with a monthly rental charge.

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