Become a telecoms provider by reselling 1AffordableCall products.

Many of our resellers have their own IT business or phone maintenance business with a large client base and excellent customer service and support reputations. However, they do not provide all their clients telecoms services, which is where 1AffordableCall comes in – we offer an extensive range of products including call, lines, VoIP, special phone numbers (NGNs), broadband and data services and mobiles.

Our resellers can take any services offered by 1AffordableCall and sell them through their own points of contact with the consumer.

Billing Services: We can bill all services provided by us on your behalf as well as any services that you are offering so that your clients receive a single, unified telecoms bill.

Direct Debit Collection: We can collect the full invoice amount from your clients every month and pay you (after deduction of our costs).

UK-Based Call Centre: Your calls will be answered by UK based people. We can be the first point of contact for your clients for any issues as you require e.g. faults, billing, sales, support if that is what you’d prefer.

Access to a Great Portfolio: We’ve done the hard work in identifying the best suppliers around so you don’t have to, ensuring we can provide you with the most competitive telecoms packages on the market. Our product portfolio is continually evolving, which helps in persuading your customers to consolidate all their communications with you.

Great Service: Your calls will be answered quickly and any queries will be dealt with efficiently and proactively. As we have our own client base as well, we fully understand the service that this channel requires.

Quality of Service: 1AffordableCall only deals with the most reliable service providers/networks in the UK to ensure the best quality of service.

Price Policy: We are transparent with our costs and pricing, so you can be confident you are getting your fair share of the available margin.

Full Support from our Experts: You can benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in the telecoms market as well as receiving the appropriate training once you become a reseller, with regular updates and support at hand.

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